The Borg-Yahoo merger wont work.

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It&#8217-s like taking the two guys who finished second and third in a 100-yard dash and tying their legs together and asking for a rematch, believing that now they&#8217-ll run faster.

Fake Steve Jobs

The cultures will never fit together. And the deal is too big. It&#8217-s not manageable. And it&#8217-s completely anathema to Microsoft. It&#8217-s totally out of character for them. It goes against everything the company has ever stood for.


Psstt&#8230- On a related note&#8230- If you haven&#8217-t seen yet the Fake Steve Jobs address at the Crunchies 2008, (an &#8220-acceptance speech&#8221- he gave coz Apple didn&#8217-t send any representative at the event), you should. Hilarious.

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