Prostitution is inevitable, so we might as well legalize and regulate it.

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That&#8217-s what many libertarians think, right? But Nicholas Kristof has a piece in the New York Times that is well informed and balanced&#8230- and that could change the mind of some libertarians&#8230-

&#8220-Kristen&#8221- (outed in today&#8217-s NYT), photographed in a French port&#8230- (Saint Tropez, it is said, but I&#8217-m not so sure&#8230- St-Trop, as I know it, is a fishermen&#8217-s village&#8230-)



More on the Eliot Spitzer scandal from Slate&#8230-

Inside the Emperors Club V.I.P.

Suspicious Activity Report filed by Mr. Spitzer’s bank

Eliot Spitzer&#8217-s bio

Justin Wolfers is a wise man.

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Zubin Jelveh highlights this piece of wisdom (which I didn&#8217-t quote in my previous post):

It seems to me that the truly important violations of the public trust are when the power we give our government officials is sold, rather than what government officials choose to buy. Yet our political scandals are too often dominated by private mistakes, rather than public misdeeds. This is why I&#8217-m more worried about what the SEC is selling than what Eliot Spitzer has been buying.

Psstt&#8230- CNBC will have a special Eliot Spitzer piece starting at 8:00 PM EST, tonite (Wednesday, March 12), I&#8217-ve just heard.

Psstt&#8230- And &#8220-Page 6&#8243- has the pic of that woman, that &#8220-Kristen&#8221-&#8230-


Room 871:

Room 871

The information technology that caught Eliot Spitzer

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