ROBIN HANSONS PUBLIC ADMISSION: He signed Bobs petitions, not because he heartfully endorsed them fully, but because he wanted to please Bob, didnt want to be left out of the party, and was persuaded that his own blue-sky proposals wouldnt make it -and other irrational excuses for not saying the tru

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Robin Hanson:

Hal and Silas, endorsing this proposal does not mean that I would not prefer other proposals- it just means I prefer this to the status quo. Chris Masse is an example of someone who has difficulty accepting this endorsement concept.


Why wouldn&#8217-t you:

  1. Gather with yourself and determine under what precise circumstances you want the real-money prediction markets (which you co-invented with the IEM people) to flourish in your country-
  2. Then, consult with your peers (Wolfers et al.) on whether they&#8217-d agree with you-
  3. Publish a petition that lays out how the real-money prediction markets would blossom in America-
  4. Add, at the bottom of that petition, an appendix laying out what would be, for you, an acceptable Plan B-
  5. Hummmm&#8230-.??&#8230- Sounds more logical to me.

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