I am going to switch from MicroSoft Windows to Apple Macintosh OS.

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The biggest mistake I made in my life was to stick for too long to MicroSoft Windows. I should have switched to Apple Macintosh OS (or, alternatively, Linux Ubuntu) long ago. I am going to buy a MacBook Pro 17&#8243-, next month.

  1. Bill Gates and Steve Balmer are 2 idiotic bullies, who never cared about usability, but about expanding their monopoly, rather.
  2. Steve Jobs is a little dictator, granted, but he has been focusing solely on user experience.
  3. I have researched the Apple Macintosh for one week, and I found out only positive reviews. (George Tziralis told me that the MacBook Pro batteries might be a weak point, though.)
  4. Now that the Internet (and &#8220-cloud computing&#8221-) is the center of the Universe, we don&#8217-t need PC standards anymore. The PC is just a client &#8212-so that PC could well be a Mac or a Linux.
  5. I know that Windows 7 is coming, and I know that it is going to be better than Windows Vista (which is a calamity), but I am never going back to MicroSoft again. N-E-V-E-R. Period.
  6. I have suffered 2 terrible crashes this past month, with lost of fresh data. I see that Apple Macintosh has developed a &#8220-Time Machine&#8221- and a &#8220-Time Capsule&#8221- to back up data. I am going to use that.
  7. ADDENDUM (following Jed&#8217-s comment): Most of the open-source software packages which I work on are also available for the Mac OS platform.

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