Did you know that Real Clear Politics (a political news aggregator in bed with InTrade) is now owned by Forbes?

No GravatarI didn&#8217-t know that. (They also own Investopedia.)

And now Forbes are selling ad spaces for Real Clear Politics and 400 other politics blogs, thru their &#8220-Forbes Audience Network&#8221-. They sent me an e-mail, last year, to get us in their network. But a close look at their proposed contract showed that they would offer only 40% for Midas Oracle &#8212-whereas the other ad networks would offer 60%.

By the way, I&#8217-ll tell you later about my master plan to develop Midas Oracle&#8230-

UPDATE: More info from Paid Content and Silicon Alley Insider (Ad Networks Are For Losers)&#8230-





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