My Macintosh MacBook Pro 17″


What I dislike:

– The mighty mouse (which I prefer to the trackpad). It is difficult to get a clean, straight right-click &#8212-as I was used to on my (Dell) PC. Sometimes, my right-click is interpreted as a left-click &#8212-shitty mouse. UPDATE: Mike Arrington hates the Mighty Mouse, too.


What I like:

All the great open-source software available for the Apple Macintosh (ditto for the iPhone). (Some are also listed here.) Contra Mike Linksvayer, I think it is a great match. I am sure that our good doctor David Pennock (another open-source fanboy) and mister Adam Siegel (another Macintosh fanboy) agree with moi. :-D


What I like:

iRed Lite, which is a little software that allows you to command a bunch of applications via the Apple Remote (as opposed to the mouse or trackpad). It is particularly useful for audio, video and presentations. For instance, you can go to the next slide (or the previous slide) without ever touching your Mac, simply by clicking on the right (or left) button of your Apple Remote &#8212-and you can do that while being far away from your Mac.


What I dislike:

I don&#8217-t recommend the Apple MacBook Air. Its screen is too small (13 inch). Do buy a computer with a very big screen. See more computer tips here.

OPEN-SOURCE PREDICTION EXCHANGE: How Smarkets is going to eat BetFairs lunch -well, they hope.

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TechCrunch UK

There’s an interesting twist – they plan to offer an open API for people to develop their own betting applications and use the Smarkets infrastructure. Their idea is this: users don’t need knowledge of odds or experience. It’s more about speed and entertainment than sports.

Smart idea, but how will this crack the chicken-and-egg problem that every prediction exchange (betting exchange) has at inception? How will this help fighting BetFair&#8217-s network effect? What makes you think that BetFair and TradeSports don&#8217-t offer &#8220-speed and entertainment&#8221-? Do people really want to trade sports or &#8220-develop their own betting applications&#8221-? What would prevent BetFair and TradeSports to do the same?

Anyway, best wishes to UK-based Yankees Jason Trost and Hunter Morris. :-D


Smarkets – Their web framework. – PDF file

Smarkets – Open-source software they use.

Smarkets – Press release