The HubDub prediction markets on assassinations could be somewhat useful in some cases -now that I am sober and that I think of it.

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I published 3 times my opinion that it is a nuclear scandal of apocalyptic proportions that HubDub allows prediction markets on celebs&#8217- death and assassination. My view is that this will attract strong criticism from people who are very strict on the issue of morality. And the prediction markets don&#8217-t need another polemique at this time.

But after reading Medemi&#8217-s comment, popped up an idea in my mind. Medemi tells about the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, an extremist politician in Holland &#8212-who received many death threats and did not get appropriate protection. His assassination was predictable. (He was indeed gunned down during a political campaign.) If, at the time, a prediction market had been opened on the likelihood of his violent death, the high probabilities would have attracted attention &#8212-and, as a result, maybe the Police would have granted Pim Fortuyn a special protection.

What do you think?