Do use Google Reader.

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About feeds:

  • I recommend reading any blog within a Web-based feed reader and I recommend Google Reader.
  • You should be able to scan-read quickly the items within your feed reader &#8212-classify them, tag them, share them, and search them.
  • Read your feed items starting with the oldest items. Google Reader: Click on &#8220-View settings&#8221- and select &#8220-Sort by oldest&#8221-.
  • Create a main folder for your most important items, and set it as your &#8220-start page&#8221-. Put your less important feeds in other folders.
  • Tag the important items that you want to star and share.
  • Share items with people who have good taste.
  • Perform searches in your archived items &#8212-in all of them, by category, by tag, or by feed.
  • Advanced tips on how to use Google Reader.
  • Advanced tips on how to share items with friends within Google Reader.