The Singularity University + The Prediction Markets

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Spot the 3 men on the right-side of the photo:

In blue, our good friend Mike Linksvayer of Creative Commons

– In red, the Google guy in charge of open-source software-

– In grey, Matt Mullenweg of WordPress.

Open Source Panel

So, my question to Mike:

Do you sense that prediction markets could be a topic at the Singularity University, or do you think that they couldn&#8217-t care less?

UPDATE: See the comments by Mike and a guy at that University&#8230-

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The Wikipedia community is voting on migration to a new (anti)-copyright license.

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As instructed by Mike Linksvayer at the Creative Commons foundation, I have just voted &#8220-YES&#8220-. Please, if you have done at least 25 edits on Wikipedia, go there and vote &#8220-YES&#8221-. Please, blog about your vote, and make sure all your friends go voting on this issue too.


Will Wikipedia adopt CC BY-SA by August 1, 2009?