Why do BetFair Games (regulated in Malta, E.U.) have a timer on games?

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Malta&#8217-s Lotteries and Gaming Authority is a stricter regulator than the UK&#8217-s Gambling Commission on that point. The Malta regulator mandates BetFair Games to display a timer on their games. The timer is visible on screen at all times, and, when the countdown expires, play is interrupted to provide the customer with a reminder of how long they&#8217-ve been playing. (If it didn&#8217-t interrupt play, there wouldn&#8217-t be much point in having the countdown, of course.)

InTrade should disclose what market-making automatism they are using to liquify the WSJ and FT play-money prediction markets.

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Betfair Robot on Exchange Games

Betfair Customer Services 13 Dec 16:51

From December 2007 Betfair has started employing its own software or “robots” to provide liquidity into the exchange games markets.
It has been evident for some time that the activity of 3rd Party bots is essential to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the markets to provide an attractive customer proposition. For commercial reasons we have decided that rather than rely solely on 3rd party bots, Betfair will itself provide liquidity.

Our robot has no advantages over any other in price terms. That is, if anyone (whether electronically or manually) offers a better price, the Betfair robot will not try to better that price- and we are not market-making on the back of being able to see what everyone else is doing. Customers will be equally likely to be matched by a 3rd party as by the Betfair bot.

Our robots cannot cheat, they place bets through the same channel as other robots, have no access to privileged information and cannot influence the result. The architecture of the system has been passed by our regulator and approved.

BetFair Games

Once again, we see that BetFair are ethical and disclose&#8230- whereas InTrade-TradeSports are not and do not.

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