Why do BetFair Games (regulated in Malta, E.U.) have a timer on games?

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Malta&#8217-s Lotteries and Gaming Authority is a stricter regulator than the UK&#8217-s Gambling Commission on that point. The Malta regulator mandates BetFair Games to display a timer on their games. The timer is visible on screen at all times, and, when the countdown expires, play is interrupted to provide the customer with a reminder of how long they&#8217-ve been playing. (If it didn&#8217-t interrupt play, there wouldn&#8217-t be much point in having the countdown, of course.)

3 thoughts on “Why do BetFair Games (regulated in Malta, E.U.) have a timer on games?

  1. Adonis said:

    Firstly, please provide a reference source for your statement that the Maltese Regulator edicted this. ( It’s not what Betfair told me when I telephoned them about this imposition.)

    Note that this is not an inferrence against your truthfullness, merely a request so that your source may be quoted TO THE UK GAMBLING COMMISSION as a  factual statement regarding Maltese Regulator policy which can thus, IMO, reduce the achievable level of Betting Integrity to British punters.

    Subject to confirmation that we have to thank the Maltese Regulator for this imposition, I’ll express my opinion which is that they seem disconnected with at least one basic tenet of Betting Integrity:- Timeliness.

    If the “clock” is stopped – except in the case of it being stopped for all parties, including the Exchange operator – then those “frozen out” are left vulnerable.

    In the example you give, the punter who is excluded from betting ( for how long is actually immaterial!) until he acknowledges a reminder and accepts etc etc., can have all and any unattended liabilities plundered by the unscrupulous.

    Can’t happen? Won’t happen?

    1. Pick a betting exchange.

    2. Ask them if they have EVER taken money out of the account of a so-called “clock beater” and given it BACK to their victims.

    Clock-beating is a figment of the imagination of irate, losing, punters?


    Do the logic.

    Test the opportunities.

    Read the conclusions made by even the most vociferous detractors, originally.

    Stop-the-clock = degenerate Betting Integrity.

    Maybe if it’s a Regulator who asks the Exchange to stop-the-clock, it’s OK then?

    There’s money, they say, in comedy…..


  2. Medemi said:

    I think what you will find is that the way this session timer was intended, and the way it was implemented, are somewhat different. Those of us who have been around shouldn’t be surprised.

    It’s like… with the French and Romanian soccer teams. They haven’t got a clue what’s missing or what they’re doing wrong. Same thing with betfair. You could easily submerge England’s long forgotten soccer team into this pool of ignorance as well. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that what we’re witnessing is probably a reflection of society, if such a thing even exists!!! , but nevertheless an interesting thought. And, as a reminder, only those who have that magic feeling or those who have the ability to empathize, could possibly know.

    Life itself is the ultimate form of justice, more often than we realize.

  3. Adonis said:

    I agree with the first paragraph Medemi. Probably with the rest too, but it’s a bit deep for me!

    IMO, the Time to stop the clock and freeze out a punter (who elects to be so reminded; not one who has had this imposed upon him, “like it or not”) is at any Time when he has NO outstanding liabilities.

    In that case, no financial penalty can ensue whilst the Client fulfils whatever checks the exchange/regulator wish to be thrust at him.

    Example?: just after a Result is declared but BEFORE he can bet on the next Event. Have a 5-second “dead zone” where no-one ( Client or even Exchange!) can submit bet offers. This gives Time for an orderly “throw the freeze switch” command to all who have elected, and are due, to be frozen.


    In the case of Betfair Games, all betting may be considered “in running”, and extra protection should be given, not less!

    I get really annoyed when such obvious openings for the unscrupulous are, IMO, created for them! By the very people who are supposed to be protecting the vulnerable/ignorant/addicted.

    Perhaps more worrying still is the fact that those few of us who KEEP referring to Timeliness as a crucial, critical component of improved Betting Integrity are, IMHO, generally ignored, isolated, censored and kept well away from most available platforms and forums, for discussion and debate thereof.

    We are indeed grateful that Chris, here, isn’t afraid to let us continue. If we abide by his simple Rules.

    This is thus ONE PLACE where we CAN express opinion, publish fact and debate our feelings about those things.

    Thanks yet again Chris.


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