Justin Wolfers should have his own Wikipedia entry.

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Any Wikipedian out there willing to start off his page?


Robin Hanson, Tyler Cowen, Steve Levitt, and even Don Luskin and Robert Scoble, have their own Wikipedia entry. Why not Wolfers???&#8230- I realized that when I updated my &#8220-acknowledgments&#8221- page:


Friedrich August Von Hayek (an economist who introduced, among other things, the concept of the market as an information aggregation tool in The Use of Knowledge in Society, and the 1974 co-winner of the Nobel Prize in economics)-

– Professor Vernon Smith (an experimental economics pioneer, and, as such, the 2002 co-winner of the Nobel Prize in economics)-

– Professor Robin Hanson (one of the contemporary co-inventors of the prediction markets)-

– Doctor James Surowiecki (author of The Wisdom Of Crowds)-

– Professors Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz (meta analysts of the prediction markets)-

– Professor Steve Levitt (co-author of Freakonomics)-

– Professor Tyler Cowen (co-author of Marginal Revolution and author of Discover Your Inner Economist)-

Donald Luskin (author of The Conspiracy To Keep You Poor And Stupid)-

– The GNU, Linux, WordPress, World Wide Web Consortium, Mozilla, Opera, Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia, Creative Commons and Free Software Foundation people (among others) for freeing our information-based society.

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