BetFair is the best innovation that happened to horse-race betting.

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#1 innovation of the decade = Peer-to-peer wagering

&#8220-In 2000 two men who liked to play card games and make a bet or two created the Ebay of betting –- an exchange where players could bet with each other.&#8221-

Bet America = Web-based betting on US horse racing

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Via Simon Skinner&#8217-s comment, here&#8230-

Bet America: is an online race wagering service of Lien Games Racing LLC, in association with Horse Race North Dakota, the licensed operator of North Dakota Horse Park. Licensed, based and regulated in the U.S., it offers Advance Deposit Wagering on pari-mutuel horse racing by means of the internet, from a U.S. licensed and regulated company based in North Dakota. We have a proven track record of processing hundreds of millions of dollars in wagers on horse and dog racing. And now we&#8217-re making it even easier to wager with our new internet service. offers Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Harness wagering content from racetracks across the globe. We make it easy to sign up and be wagering in minutes. We never impose any fees or charges to join, to wager or to watch racing video.

All wagers are securely commingled into host track betting pools. All winning wagers are paid at full track odds. Members will have access to instantaneous wagering and bet verification, live audio race calls, dual, multiple-sized live video screens, and live up to date track odds. also offers a 3% cash reward bonus on every wager made on all of the BetAmerica Bonus Tracks. The BetAmerica Bonus Tracks have allowed BetAmerica to promote their tracks by rewarding players for their play.

We&#8217-ll be adding to our website over the coming months and welcome your suggestions for how we can serve you better. So join us, have fun, and good luck at the races!

The Team


Who is Bet America?
Bet America is part of Lien Games, a North Dakota land based horse racing company that is licensed and regulated in the United States.

Is it legal to wager in the United States?
Bet America is part of Lien Games, a legal, licensed and regulated company located in the United States. Bet America is in full compliance with all applicable United States and Federal laws.

For a list of state imposed wagering restrictions, please click here.

How do I open an account with Bet America?
Simply go to our SIGN UP NOW page.

What information do I need to provide to open up an account?
You will need to provide your name, social security number, email and residential information.

How long does it take to open an account?
You can be up and wagering within minutes of SIGNING UP.

How much does it cost to become a member of Bet America?
There are no costs to become a member!

Are there any age restrictions to become a member of Bet America?
Yes, only players who are 21 years of age or older may open up an account with Bet America

What tracks are available for wagering on at Bet America?
Most of the top tracks in North America are available for wagering on. Please check our TRACKS page for a complete list of available tracks.

How do I deposit funds into my account?
Once you have signed up, go to our DEPOST page under the ACCOUNT tab and then choose the method of deposit. Bet America offers many convenient ways to deposit funds. Choose your deposit method and then follow the steps in order to fund your account. Please note, all deposits and withdrawls at are in US dollars.

How are wagers placed?
Wagers can be placed right up until post time. Wagers are then sent from Bet America into the pari-mutuel wagering pools for the given track. Wagers are then commingled and winners are paid full track odds.

What types of wagers are offered?
Our wagering menu will be virtually identical to the menu provided at the given track.

Are transactions confidential?
Yes, all wagers are confidential.

When will my winnings appear in my account?
Your winning wagers will appear in your account within a few minutes of the official race results being posted at the track.

Is it possible to cancel a wager?
Once a wager is submitted, you may not cancel it.

Can I see a record of my wagers?
Yes, you can see a complete record of your wagers by going to our WAGER HISTORY page.

What happens when a horse that has been scratched is part of my wager?
Depending on the track, your scratched selection may be replaced with the post time favorite or wager refunded. In the event that a track refunds any portion of your wager, it will be immediately reflected in your wagering account.

Are winners paid full track odds?
Yes, winners are paid full track odds on all wagers.

How do I make a withdrawal from my account?
Once you have signed up, to make a withdrawal from your account, go to our WITHDRAW FUNDS page and complete the required steps to withdraw your funds. Please note, all deposits and withdrawls at are in US dollars.

If there is a problem with my account, who do I contact?
If you have any problems with your wagering account, please contact our customer support team via our CONTACT page.

What information is Bet America required by law to give to the IRS concerning account activity?
By federal law, any wager which results in proceeds of $600.00 or more must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), if the amount of such proceeds is at least 300 times as large as the amount wagered. Any wager which results in proceeds of more than $5000.00 is subject to withholding, if the amount of such proceeds is at least 300 times as large as the amount wagered.

Is my personal account information secure?
All personal account information is strictly confidential.

How can I watch the live races?
Click on the VIDEO link at the top of the page and then choose video 1 or video 2 to display the video pop up window. Then select the track you wish to view. You can watch 2 tracks simultaneously.

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