Ten people are bidding on a stock at 90, while 100 people are offering to sell it at 91. What price is the next trade?

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Interviewees often say that since there are more sellers than buyers, the sellers get to determine the price. That logic usually yields an answer between 90 and 91. That&#8217-s exactly wrong. &#8220-They&#8217-re not thinking about what&#8217-s going on in the real world,&#8221- says Rubczyk. In reality, when there are more sellers than buyers, the price falls. So the next sale would probably be in the mid- to low 80s.

&#8220-Some candidates would say you can&#8217-t answer that question, because there&#8217-s no formula,&#8221- says Rusczyk. &#8220-If that makes their heads explode, that&#8217-s a problem.&#8221-

What would our Jason Ruspini have answered to that quiz?