The Racing Post and TimeForm/BetFair are two competitors in the UK horseracing data publication business.

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The Racing Post and TimeForm compete in the same space- they make money from horse racing data. The Racing Post through its newspaper- TimeForm through its database publications. On the Web, they compete head to head in many respects &#8212-and both give away a certain proportion of their content for free.

The Racing Post model is heavily skewed towards the old betting market model- fixed odds bookmakers- price comparison etc- while BetFair (the new owner of TimeForm) is based on the Web. On top of that, BetFair does not need The Racing Post that much, whereas The Racing Post needs BetFair. The fact that BetFair&#8217-s prices are dynamic (and, 99% of the time, the best prices on offer) fucks up The Racing Post&#8217-s model.

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