Our play-money prediction exchanges should partner with non-profits.

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CORRECTION: It&#8217-s Predictify who comes up with the $100k, not Rock The Vote.

Predictify (a prediction platform, not a prediction exchange) is partnering with Rock The Vote.

As I understand it (BEWARE: the Press release is not that clear about where the money comes from), Rock The Vote (a 501c, I suppose) forks over $100.000, which Predictify uses as a prize pool to be handed out between the winners of a 2008 US election forecasting game.

I don&#8217-t get what Rock The Vote gets out of this deal, but that&#8217-s their problem. Rock The Vote gets the free publicity.

I see it as a good idea, and I think that our prediction exchanges should be seeking out deals such as that one with non-profit organizations&#8230- or commercial sponsors. It would attract more traders to our prediction markets.