73% of journalists [*] sometimes or always use blogs in their research.

No Gravatar[*] = newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, and web journalists

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Via Henry Blodget (who is hilarious, as always)

Implications for the field of prediction markets (InTrade-TradeFair, BetFair-TradeFair, Betdaq, HSX, NewsFutures, Inkling Markets, etc.):

  1. The P.R. arm of the prediction market firms should also reach the bloggers &#8212-not just the journalists.
  2. Prediction market firms should monitor the Blogosphere for rumors, and deal with them in a subtitle way. :-D
  3. A long (&#8220-too long&#8221-, some will say), balanced, detailed blog post about your product is more useful to reach out than a media kit. :-D
  4. Our industry needs a blog network of reference, all focused on prediction markets. :-D

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Care to revise your statement, sir?

No GravatarJustin Wolfers:

In a few years, we may regard the second half of the 20th century as the aberration in which the press used polls rather than markets to track political races,” Justin Wolfers, a business professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, wrote in an e-mail message. “And in the 21st century, we may return to the habits of the early 20th century, reporting on political races through the lens of prediction markets rather than polls.

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