Conference on Prediction Markets

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I’m in the process of researching Prediction Markets as the main theme of a national conference for the Institute for International Research, the world’s largest conference producing firm.

I am a producer at IIR and am interested in creating an advisory board made up of a handful of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in this industry. I have come across many of the names on this blog through my research and thought this would be the best place to reach to all of you. IIR produces hundreds of conferences ranging from a wide array of topics every year. i.e.: market research, pharma, technologies, financial services, etc. Prediction Market is a topic that we are hoping to tackle this year. I would greatly appreciate any insight and tips experts are willing to offer. I plan to turn this event into an annual gathering that attracts Researchers, Strategists, Project Managers, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Academics, Policy Makers, and Analysts. I will also be looking to recruit speakers as we move along to the next phase of production. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Dawn Olsen

Conference Producer
Marketing &amp- Business Strategy Division, IIR
708 Third Avenue, 4th Floor, NY, NY 10017
646-895-7329 [email protected]