Lets face it. The political world doesnt give the first fig about the prediction markets, InTrade, BetFair, Betdaq, NewsFutures, HubDub, Robin Hanson, Justin Wolfers, and the rest of our little clique.

No GravatarSome of our luminaries have had their vapors and have boldly stated that the public [*] prediction markets would soon take over the free world and become the forecasting tool of choice for decision makers. Since our movement has started, in 2003, that has not happened &#8212-and will never happen (let alone in the year 2020). We were duped by those cocky misleaders. In the coming weeks, I&#8217-m going to try to launch a big intra-industry initiative to find the right usage for the public prediction markets. Stay tuned&#8230- and I hope I&#8217-ll get you on board with me.

[*] as opposed to the enterprise prediction markets, which is not the topic of my bombastic rant above, which is a horse of another color, and which would deserve a completely different analysis.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Here&#8217-s what the political world really cares about&#8230-

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