If you have tried to contact Chris Masse thru the Midas Oracle Contact Form, Im terribly sorry to inform you that your message was not delivered to the recipient.

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Folks, I have received 3 messages thru that Midas Oracle Contact Form, lately. They were all empty, so I thought they were spams killed by the Contact Form. But, in fact, the Contact Form was not working properly. (I got rid of it.)

If you have something important to tell me (since I&#8217-m such an important person myself :-D ), please re-send it my way using e-mail.

Contact Chris Masse

You can contact Chris F. Masse (the editor and publisher of Midas Oracle) via:

  • cfm |-at-| midasoracle |.|-com-|
  • chrisfmasse |-at-| gmail |.|-com-| &#8212- GMail Chat, Google Talk, and Shared Items in Google Reader
  • chrisfmasse |-at-| yahoo |.|-com-|

Contact Less &#8220-Important&#8221- Members Of Midas Oracle :-D

Michael Giberson: | michael.giberson |-at-| gmail |.|-com-|

Jason Ruspini: | jruspini |-at-| yahoo |.|-com-|

Tom W. Bell: | tbell |-at-| chapman |.|-edu-|