Prediction Markets & Data Visualization

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Spot that that guy didn&#8217-t say, &#8220-I monitor a prediction market&#8220-. He said, &#8220-I monitor a chart&#8220-.

InTrade, TradeSports, BetFair, TradeFair, NewsFutures and HubDub have a huge work to do to improve their charts. In the future, they will output richer charts. Customizable, dynamic, compound charts, with news markers.

The Most Hilarious Thing I Read This Morning

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A 6-year-old report about how he enjoyed being invited at Robin Hanson&#8217-s party &#8212-boring like hell.

Makes me think that the field of prediction markets should research more on data visualization. Kids like great visuals. Boisterous blogging adults haven&#8217-t computed that, yet. When&#8217-s the last time you saw great visuals at Marginal Revolution or Overcoming Bias?

Think data visualization, folks.

Bo Cowgill reads some blogs on that topic, I believe. He could give us some good links, one day.

UPDATE: Mike Linksvayer&#8217-s take on the Robin Hanson incident the Marginal Revolution post. (See also Mike&#8217-s comment, below.)