Patrick Young = The InTrade co-founder you never heard about

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The greatest benefit of being the most popular blogger on prediction markets is the private e-mails I get from all the corners of the globe. I come to meet, over the Internet, the world&#8217-s finest luminaries &#8212-from the Academia or from the entrepreneurial world.

Now, try to guess who that guy is:

  1. He wrote about prediction markets (before that moniker was applied) and betting exchanges in his book &#8220-Capital Market Revolution!&#8220-, published in 1999 &#8212-while Andrew Black was developing BetFair.
  2. He co-founded GSX/Tradesports/InTrade in 2000.

You have probably never heard of him&#8230- but you should compute him starting today &#8212-Patrick Young. And, of course, he blogs and twitters&#8230- Don&#8217-t miss his ultra-copyrighted podcast on the &#8220-fascinating&#8221- American Civics Exchange&#8230-