BetFair Education has now a sub-site within the BetFair blog.

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BetFair Education

  1. The navigation is easy &#8212-see the menu on the left-side sidebar.
  2. I encountered only one 404.
  3. They are using Movable Type, and not WordPress, alas.
  4. The list of posts is comprehensive.
  5. They could have integrated their events with Google Calendar &#8212-just like the BetFair FireFox add-on does.
  6. The only bit of criticism I&#8217-d make is that their betting &#8220-knowledge&#8221-, which they want to &#8220-educate&#8221- their traders with, is not based on economic science. I think the next revolution in betting is science-based betting knowledge and science-based betting tips. That&#8217-ll happen outside of BetFair, I guess.

Both InTrade and NewsFutures are in the process of overhauling their website. We&#8217-ll see within the next weeks what they have to offer.