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&#8230- and now &#8220-information derivatives&#8220-. (Via George Tziralis) What is remarkable is that you can shorten it as &#8220-ID&#8221- (or &#8220-IDs&#8220-, plural). (Prediction markets are often referred as &#8220-PMs&#8221-.)

My Question To My Readers: Which term(s) do you like most? In my short list, in the blog title, I forgot to mention terms including the word &#8220-stock&#8221-, which Alex Kirtland told us is the most commonly understood by &#8220-people&#8221- (as opposed to prediction market professionals).

My Questions To Bernd Ankenbrand: Would you mind telling us more about GEXID, here, on this blog? And do you know some English-speaking colleagues of yours who would like to be registered at Midas Oracle? And Gutten Tag!&#8230- (That means Bonjour, right?)

Addendum: This is hilarious. They needed to consult an army of German lawyers to make sure that play-money prediction exchanges won&#8217-t be assimilated with gambling operators.

Are you trading with real money?

No. In all gexid markets we trade with gexid euro (play money). Your portfolio at the end can be converted in prices the issuer prices.

Is trading at gexid like gambling?

No. gexid is not a place for gambling. Independent expert opinions by several lawyers in Germany confirm this fact. Therefore there is not need for regulating gexid. Upon request gexid will provide you those expert opinions.