Get Rich Quick – InTrades new marketing trick

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Buy John McCain at the end of 2007 (at around 5), sell high in 2008 &#8212-and get rich quick. That is what Bethan and her husband (Jonathan) did.

Today, InTrade CEO John Delaney is trying to milk out this get-rich-quick story (or a similar enough story). His message: You, too, can get rich quick&#8230- &#8212-what it takes is just registering your credit card with InTrade. :-D

What the InTrade CEO doesn&#8217-t tell you is that luck was a factor in Bethan&#8217-s sudden enrichment. Nothing wrong with tapping chance &#8212-but honesty should have prompted John Delaney to mention it. And you will notice the absence of information for the x axis (the time). Marketing and honesty are 2 words that don&#8217-t mix well in Ireland.


ABC video

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On top of the $114,000 given to her by John Edwards political action committee, $15,000 a month has been paid to Rielle Hunter (Lisa Druck) by Fred Baron, who was John Edwards national finance chair -so that the mistress (a de facto deluxe prostitute) shuts up her face about the affair and the baby.

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So, John Edwards&#8217- friend would pay about $180,000 each year for her &#8212-if I understand well.

What kind of R.O.I. did Fred Baron expect on that investment? That&#8217-s what the &#8220-free&#8221- Press should be asking.

Google&#8217-s cached webpages of the National Enquirer about John Edwards – Click on &#8220-Cached&#8221-.

John Edwards is a liar and a hypocrite. Video

Edwards infidelity
envoye par dollarsandsense123

John Edwards&#8217- statement

Dallas Morning News + New York Times + Robert Scoble + CBS News

Elisabeth Edwards + Huff Post

CNN + ABC News + VIDEO + LA Times

Emile Servan-Schreiber was so right. I feel better now that I made a killing at HubDub shorting that f*****g bastard of John Edwards.

UPDATE: API + NewsWeek

UPDATE: The ex mistress rules out a paternity test. So, now we know what the big money is buying: her silence on the fact that the child is John Edwards&#8217- one.

UPDATE: American Spectator + Huff Post + Huff Post


UPDATE: Radar + Radar


UPDATE: Cleveland Leader


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