Midas Oracle is now powered by WordPress 2.5 -and you should be too.

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  1. Just updated to WordPress 2.5. (See a screencast here.)
  2. I waited one week before upgrading, so as to take the time to monitor the WP 2.5 compatibility with our plugins.
  3. To upgrade, I used the &#8220-Wordpress Automatic Upgrade&#8221- plugin. The automatic process failed, but the step-by-step process worked fine. Overall, I&#8217-m happy. This plugin is a time saver.
  4. WordPress 2.5.1 is due for May 2008. In the meantime, if you spot some gremlins, let me know.
  5. Speaking of gremlins, WP 2.5 has now a better compatibility with Safari, so maybe Tom W. Bell will come down here to tell us what he thinks of the new US anti-gambling regulations.
  6. The Midas Oracle post/page authors will spot a totally reconfigured &#8220-Write Post / Page&#8221- area.
  7. They have added a bunch of &#8220-media buttons&#8221- (to insert pictures, sounds, videos, etc.) and an &#8220-embedded media&#8221- button (which you&#8217-ll find if you click first on the &#8220-Kitchen Sink&#8221-). I have yet to fully experiment all that.
  8. There is now a &#8220-full screen mode&#8221- for the writing area.
  9. They have hidden the 2 blockquotes button under the &#8220-Kitchen Sink&#8221- sub-menu.

UPDATE: Gartner is out today saying that open-source software will take over the free world, eventually &#8212-and that includes Chapman University and Tom W. Bell&#8230- :-D

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