Midas Oracle is worth $1 million.

PaidContent has a monthly audience of 250,000.

Guardian Media bought PaidContent for $30 million $6.5 million.

– Midas Oracle has had 41,000 visitors the last 30 days.

– Midas Oracle&#8217-s audience is one sixth of PaidContent&#8217-s audience.

– So, Midas Oracle is worth one sixth of $6.5 million &#8212-that&#8217-s $1.1 million.

Google Search has sent 75,674 people to Midas Oracle since June 2009.

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Google Search has sent 1,271 people to Midas Oracle yesterday alone. &#8211- (2,577 pageviews, yesterday, fyi)

An excerpt of the historical chart regarding the Google Search traffic sent to Midas Oracle (I enlarged the time period so you can see the 2008 US Election Day spike):


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