InTrade.Nets free workforce: Calling a spade… a spade.

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Here’-s my answer to Jamie Burrows:

  1. Midas Oracle is an independent publication —-independent from InTrade, and from the other prediction market organizations. We say what we want, here.
  2. As I explained in my comment, there are 2 situations. Case #1 is Inkling Markets and HubDub who ask for volunteers and make it clear that there is no compensation for managing the play-money prediction markets. Case #1 is as clear as spring water. Case #2 is InTrade.Net who ask for volunteers and lure them by floating a “-compensation“- who would be made up of proceeds from Google AdWords/AdSense. The problem is that it is well known that this program brings peanuts for the sites and pages that receive a low web traffic. (And for the high-traffic sites, the revenue collected from ads doesn’-t pay for the time spent on writing for the web publication. See #4.)
  3. Luring small people into thinking they can get “-compensated”- by working for InTrade.Net is thus highly un-ethical —-to say the least.
  4. My dear Jamie, isn’-t the role of independent publications to inform readers about things that big corporations want to hide from the public?