Is the BetFair marketing message a big lie?

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Rab Bibater&#8217-s comment on Midas Oracle:

[…] BetFair needs to nip the current round of noise in the bud once and for all. It needs to clarify its own advertisements, in which it states that &#8220-Because you are betting against other punters, &#8216-you could&#8217- get better value-&#8221- which in the light of alleged revelations that its trades in its own markets, would seem to amount to a misrepresentation. […]

Hummm&#8230- For each of 100 trades made on BetFair, how many are made by real-people &#8220-punters&#8221- and how many are made by algorithm-advised BetFair Malta? (I have just sent this question for their today&#8217-s Q&#038-A. :-D )

YouTube: BetFair&#8217-s TV ad in the UK

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