Voodoo analysis of prediction market contracts

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I wonder if the following is a joke:

Events these past few weeks make an airstrike on Iran more likely. The Intrade contract reinforces this view. While the probability remains moderate at 32%, the chart shows a market that is strengthening.

Here is stock-type technical analysis applied to this contract. There is a large &#8220-cup&#8221- going back to the contract&#8217-s inception. The low was 10 in January of this year. Since then, there is an unmistakeable rise. Following standard technical analysis, the drop from 50 to 10 was 40 points. That gives a calculated resistance level at 30. That level was broken this past week on high volume. This confirms the strength. The 40 level presents the next resistance level.

Price for US/Israeli Overt Air Strike against Iran (Rule 1.8 Applies) at intrade.com

The last post mentioning technical analysis at Midas Oracle contains a joke.