Robin Hanson would be better off lobbying for prediction markets with the people who will be in power next November -that is, the Democrats, not the right-wing people of the American Enterprise Institute.

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Does Robin Hanson read the political prediction markets which he co-invented? If he read them, he would see that we&#8217-re going to get a big Democratic swipe, in November 2008. The American people will get rid of the neo-cons, the warmongers, and other right-wing nuts.

Then, if you wanted to &#8220-lobby&#8221- for the prediction markets, you would get your message thru using either a Democratic or bi-partisan vehicle &#8212-not the right-wing American Enterprise Institute. What weight will those right-wing people carry next November? They&#8217-ll be finished &#8212-until a brand-new Newt Gingrich alike pops up in the years 2020.

Get a ride in K Street with the right people, doc &#8212-that is, in our case, like it or not, the leftists.

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