Our prediction market luminaries signed Bobs petition -and the losers are InTrade, TradeSports and BetFair.

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I have re-read the American Enterprise Institute’s proposals to legalize real-money prediction markets in the United States of America.

AEI advise the CFTC not to allow for-profit companies (like InTrade, TradeSports and BetFair) to operate socially valuable prediction markets &#8212-in a legal way, in the US.

It&#8217-s a shame that our prediction market luminaries signed that piece of ****.

Long live Steve Levitt and Koleman Strumpf.

And long live the prediction markets on sports&#8230- &#8212-and on anything else.

UPDATE: In the for-profit vs not-for profit debate, our prediction market luminaries, doctored by Bob, are on the wrong side of the issue.

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