BetFair Malta outputs a simplistic prediction game (about the 2008 European soccer tournament). Im not impressed at all.

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  1. Simplistic enough. Sounds more like a promotion trick than a real game.
  2. The Sporting Exchange has outsourced the development of this game (and others) to a Swedish team.
  3. The Swedish people won a &#8220-multi-year&#8221- contract. I don&#8217-t understand which partner is responsible for the creation of future games. Probably both, but it&#8217-s not clear. To get new game ideas, I would rather bid for them around the planet (just like book publishers and movie producers are looking out for good scripts) &#8212-as opposed to have a &#8220-multi-year&#8221- contract with someone, even a talented someone. (And in the case under my very nose, I can&#8217-t see any talent, here.)
  4. In both Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox, there are usability problems, as you can see in the screen shot. This BetFair site (just like their corporate site) was not designed to be fluid. A shame.

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