Prediction Markets: A new Special Interest Group on

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The Special Interest Group provides a resource for researchers and practitioners who are interested in the field of prediction markets.

In keeping with the objectives of, this SIG will present research findings that support evidence-based principles. In particular, the site covers research that provides guidelines, prescriptions, rules, conditions, action statements, or advice about what to do in given situations.

The current site is a beta-version. To further develop the content, we ask for your contributions!

The material for this special interest group is maintained by Andreas Graefe. Please contact him for further information, and with corrections, additions, or suggestions for these pages.

One thought on “Prediction Markets: A new Special Interest Group on

  1. Chris F. Masse said:

    Excellent initiative.

    “Markets for Forecasting .com” — excellent domain name. (David Pennock will be jealous.)

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