Midas Oracle is incontestably [*] the best vertical portal to prediction markets.

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This site has more than you need to know about futures markets and the subtle point that they don’t predict but rather capture what people think will happen. Clear?

My dual strategy is paying off.

  1. Presenting a prediction market chart associated with an explainer about prediction markets on the blog frontpage &#8212-on top of the daily posts, making the reading of this introductory material compulsory for our visitors.
  2. Publishing, again, the explainer on prediction markets on top of the page grouping the current prediction market charts. This &#8220-predictions&#8221- page has been the more popular material on Midas Oracle, these last 30 days.

[*] Overcoming Bias and Freakonomics are not prediction market blogs. And they didn&#8217-t take my challenge to comment on the BetFair Starting Prices.

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