Testing the Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin… and thinking aloud about a prediction market plugin.

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UPDATE: I have completely re-written this blog post. I have just found out (at the bottom of a FAQ, which was itself linked from the bottom of a page!) that the Yahoo! Shortcuts only works when the WordPress rich, visual editor is disabled. That explains all. So I am now typing this with the raw editor, and will now make another test of the plugin for WordPress.

Let&#8217-s try it in avant-premiere&#8230- well, that is, before David Pennock installs it on his own blog. Let&#8217-s type some pointless sentences with plenty of keywords in them, to see how the plugin reacts:

  • Google&#8217-s Bo Cowgill&#8217-s one is longer than Yahoo!&#8217-s David Pennock&#8217-s one &#8212-I&#8217-m talking about their experience as administrator of enterprise prediction markets (what were you thinking of, this is a serious blog).
  • One Google stock can buy ten Yahoo! stocks.
  • Google&#8217-s street address in Mountain View, California, Vs. Yahoo!&#8217-s street address.

So as I typed the sentences above, the Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin has found 2 shortcuts. OK. I click on &#8220-Review this post&#8221-. It takes me painfully to another page, where I can accept or refuse the implements. The plugin did embed things under &#8220-Google&#8221- and &#8220-Yahoo! Shortcuts&#8221-. Problem: I have no idea what the hell they have embedded in my text. Let&#8217-s hit the &#8220-Publish&#8221- button to see what it looks like.

UPDATE: Does not work. Nothing appears on the published blog post. :(

APPENDIX: Screen shot #1. – Screen shot #2.

ABOUT A PREDICTION MARKET PLUGIN: It should be simpler than that. I vote against the automatic detection. And I vote against the machine dictating you what should be inserted. What about freedom of choice???? I will go for a manual selection of prediction market charts in a list, and the blogger would select the one(s) he/she wants to insert &#8212-and he/she would mark exactly where to insert it.

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