How to assess Justin Wolfers writings for the WSJ, the BetFair blog, the InTrade bulletin, and Midas Oracle

No GravatarRobert Scobble (who got heat from the rest of the Blogosphere for that):

  1. Are you getting content that no one else is? [&#8230-]
  2. Does that content cause conversations to happen? [&#8230-]
  3. Does that content get noticed in the niche you’re covering? [&#8230-]
  4. Even more importantly, does it get the most credible and authoritative to link to you? [&#8230-]
  5. [I]t’s not the size of your audience that matters. It’s WHO is in the audience that matters. [&#8230-]
  6. [H]ow can I take my art further? [&#8230-]

I&#8217-d say this:

  • Quality Content + Quality Marketing = Quality Audience

Previously: The official BetFair blog is such a piece of crap that one of its writers is rebelling publicly against it. + Justin Wolfers in the Wall Street Journal.

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