My first prediction market plugin for WordPress

No GravatarI have created a lite plugin for WordPress. It displays the best one-line mottos and one-line quotes on prediction markets, in the top right corner of the admin panel. This plugin is based on a slight modification of the &#8220-Never Gonna Give You Up&#8221- plugin (based on the &#8220-Hello, Dolly&#8221- plugin).

Here&#8217-s a screen shot:

Prediction Markets Rock.

As of today, I have just put the BetFair slogan in the database. Overtime, I will add quotes from our prediction market luminaries (or so they think they are). I might e-mail them to ask them to provide quotes &#8212-or I might scout the Web for tidbits.

After my harvesting and implementing, I&#8217-ll put up this plugin in the WordPress directory of plugins, so everybody can download it for free and get illuminated by our prediction market wisdom. :-D

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