Problem with my WordPress 2.7, my embedded YouTube videos, and my feed reader(s).

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In my last post, I have embedded 7 YouTube videos on prediction markets (featuring Emile Servan-Schreiber of NewsFutures). While they work fine on the post within my web browser, they can&#8217-t be seen when that same post is displayed within a feed reader (such as Google Reader or Sage).

At this moment, I have no idea where the problem comes from. I would blame WordPress 2.7. (All was fine with the previous versions of WordPress.) Let me investigate that technical issue. I will post an update to this post, later on.

UPDATE: Still a mystery. A tipster tells me that the plugin &#8220-Smart YouTube&#8221- solves the problem.

UPDATE: If I embed the YouTube video in the &#8220-HTML&#8221- area, and don&#8217-t click on &#8220-Visual&#8221- before publishing, all is fine &#8212-the YouTube video will end up in the feed reader.


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