The Best External Web Links On Prediction Markets And On Everything Else

No GravatarFolks,

I have just updated the &#8220-Links&#8221- page. Could you right-click on that link, open the link in another browser tab, scan the long list, spot what&#8217-s missing, and contact me so I can add new web links? Thanks.

There are 304 links, there. Here are the 15 categories:

– Associations
– Blogs
– Books
– Exchanges &#038- Markets
– Experts &#038- Scholars
– Forums
– Media
– Midas Oracle Network
– References
– Search Engines
– Shared Readings
– Social Favorites
– Software
– Think Tanks
– Tools

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9 thoughts on “The Best External Web Links On Prediction Markets And On Everything Else

  1. Caveat Bettor said:


    Giberson is one of MO’s finest contributors!

    Familiarity breeds contempt? A prophet has no honor on his blog?

  2. Chris. F. Masse said:

    Cav, when I put a smiley, it’s for signaling a tongue-in-cheek joke between friends.


    Yes, Mike is the best MO co-author. And you, too, contribute a lot…


    By the way, I’m going to form some kind of Advisory Board (whatever name that could take) just for the purpose of listing people like Mike Giberson (or Cav or else)… so as to convey the idea that Midas Oracle belongs to a group of people… as opposed to belonging to one man only…


    Ideas welcome…


    By the way, the web stats are good these days… Google send to us something like 400 people a day… Any co-author can get access to the web stats, by the way…

  3. Chris. F. Masse said:

    “Concurring Opinions is a general-interest legal blog operated by Concurring Opinions LLC, a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation.”


    Is there an idea here?

  4. Panos Ipeirotis said:

    Hey, when you edit the post, you should use the <s> tag! Where is my claim to fame now?

    I had one mention in a blog saying “we even include Panos Ipeirotis” and now the mention is gone! :-p

  5. Chris. F. Masse said:

    I wanted to put a joke (MARKED WITH, NOT ONE, BUT *TWO* SMILEYS), aiming at Michael Giberson, Caveat Bettor, and Panos Ipeirotis… But Caveat Bettor misinterpreted it as “contempt” —the exact opposite of my intention.


    So I added an update explaining it was a joke. But I later realized the post had became too cluttered.


    So I deleted the joke and its explainer.

  6. Chris. F. Masse said:

    I have had an idea.


    Cav is right when he implies that I should find a way to celebrate the best MO bloggers… and also the best supporters…


    I think I will publish once a week a thank-you post… But it won’t be a post signed by Chris Masse… You’ll see… I think that, with the little twist I have in mind, it will be entertaining and funny… as opposed to being boring (like all thank-you posts on other blogs)… DEVELOPING…

  7. Michael Giberson said:

    Panos, if you post more often, you’ll likely show up in these little jokes more often, too.


    Of course, after a while, seeing your name so often showing up in different posts and different — playing the straight man to a joke, or as side kick, or as tribal elder and keeper of wisdom — you might begin to feel like a fictional character in a long running “prediction market” soap opera.


    It is a heavy price for fame, but, so far, I have found it bearable. :)

  8. Chris. F. Masse said:

    Mike Giberson’s name (with the direct link to his personal site) is now present on the sidebar of each of the 3 blogs on prediction markets:


    Plus, I have propelled him as president of the Advisory Board (whatever that could mean :-D ):


    His name (with the direct link to his personal site) now appears on the ABOUT page:


    And his name (with the direct link to his personal site) is now cited two times (YES, TWO TIMES) at the very top of the AUTHORS page:


    Plus, I still have the idea of celebrating the best co-authors and supporters once a week. Will tell you more later.





    POSTSCRIPT: I have just realized that the link to each commenter’s website does not appear today. That’s because the Gravatar plugin resets the parameters each time I upgrade it. Sorry for that (I didn’t know that). So I’m going to apply again the good parameters, right away, so the links appear embedded under your name when you comment. It should be done in one minute………. And that’s the “do follow” links… unlike Wikipedia and most other blogs… (thanks to a “do follow” plugin)… Which means that it is taken into account by the Google PageRank system…

  9. Chris. F. Masse said:

    UPDATE: I have re-applied my Gravatar options… So now the links are embedded into the commenters’ names… But, on the other hand, the face picture of the poster appears only when a post is clicked on… and does not appear on the frontpage… It was not supposed to be like this… (Not grave, though.)… DEVELOPING…

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