Why Indian Software Outsourcing Companies are Outsourcing to China

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White Paper

Paul Denlinger:

This white paper examines some of the unique challenges Indian software companies are facing:

  • The decreasing talent pool-
  • Rising costs-
  • Insufficient infrastructure and-
  • Not enough time to train and build infrastructure

It then shows how China is the answer to their problems because:

  • It has only talent pool which is large enough to compare to India’s-
  • The local talent pool is still largely untapped in the second-tier cities-
  • Ten cities have targeted software development as part of their development initiatives-
  • Good universities provide strong training and basic skills-
  • English and communication skills are swiftly catching up.

This white paper is free &#8212-provided that you register on Paul Denlinger&#8217-s site.

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