Heres an example of the total crap that the BetFair blog is publishing.

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BetFair blog:

Pamela Anderson&#8217-s Poker Guru

PAMELA Anderson says she is &#8220-done with the marriage thing&#8221-.

Pammy is divorcing her third husband. The marriage lasted four months. Says Pammy: &#8220-My mom wishes I was born gay&#8221-. She adds: &#8220-I am in the market for a good divorce attorney.&#8221- And, who knows, maybe the attorney is the market for a wife. Of course, before her next marriage, Pammy has to complete her divorce from the man we call [?] Rick Salomon and Metro newspaper calls a &#8220-poker guru&#8221-. A guru is a recognized leader in a field, an acknowledged and influential advocate of a movement or idea. Rick Salomon is the man best known for appearing as &#8220-him&#8221- in the first Paris Hilton sex tape. He is not a poker guru. He is just someone who plays poker, sometimes&#8230-

Don&#8217-t be a Rick, play online&#8230- [link to the BetFair Poker site]

The posting is anonymous, as always, on that crappy blog.

No external link to the original news source &#8212-of course.

Pointless content, as usual. Why thinking before writing, when a vomit can do the trick?

As for rhetoric quality, my 6-year-old nephew could do better, if encouraged by a Hershey kiss.

Is there any adult in Hammersmith monitoring what the kids are doing on their computers?

Is professor Leighton Vaughan-Williams wise to write for that crappy blog? Justin Wolfers&#8217- association with the Wall Street Journal seems more adequate for a university professor.

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One thought on “Heres an example of the total crap that the BetFair blog is publishing.

  1. Good news: The BetFair blog now features a prediction market column. - Bad news: Their columnist is an anonymous writer with long hair… and dubious skills. | Midas Oracle .ORG said:

    […] blogger who loves to link out to other resources on prediction markets, I regret to say that I won’t read this BetFair crap anymore and won’t link to it in the future. I bet that the serious people […]

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