CFTC: 3-2 in favor of approval of movie contracts -SO FAR.

What was said at the CFTC hearing on movie futures.

Hollywood Reporter.

Business Week. More.


4 thoughts on “CFTC: 3-2 in favor of approval of movie contracts -SO FAR.

  1. Jason Ruspini said:

    Where did you get those numbers? I read the hearing as 0-1 and 4 undecideds. Outside of Chilton, you can’t read too much into who asked which questions to whom.

    Of course it may be a moot point unfortunately. I don’t know if the CFTC would spend the political capital to pry the Lincoln amendment from the bill. Or if they did, it may well be of the form “Look, we weren’t going to approve these contracts anyway, but we might approve one that applies to industry-wide receipts, so don’t tie our hands. We are the technical experts here..”

  2. Chris F. Masse said:

    “Where did you get those numbers?” In the document I linked to.

  3. Jason Ruspini said:

    I don’t agree with that interpretation. I wasn’t there, but it seemed the only Commissioner who clearly signaled an opinion was Chilton.

  4. Chris F. Masse said:

    “3-2 in favor of approval of movie contracts”

    That is what happened.

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