She seems to be real.

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There has been some discussion over the years about whether Sarah Jones was a real person since solicitations to participate in &#8220-your PM Cluster&#8221- sounded very much like another person. Well we just picked up a voicemail on our main line from none other than Sarah Jones (at least that&#8217-s what she said her name was :) ) so it seems she does actually exist. Admittedly I had wondered if she was an imaginary friend too, but perhaps this urban legend can finally be put to rest.

One thought on “She seems to be real.

  1. Chris F. Masse said:

    We know that, already. :-D

    What we wanted to know is whether it is her who operates her e-mail account that feeds that e-mailing list. There are many similitudes in vocabularies and styles with the messages posted by John M.

    Hence, the question.…..h-v-jones/

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