PMIA Search Needs an Explanation.

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Fellow blog friend Alt Search Engine wants to understand more about the new PMIA prediction market search.

Help him out here. Improve on my meager comment.


2 thoughts on “PMIA Search Needs an Explanation.

  1. Chris. F. Masse said:

    The problem is that most people care about BetFair, TradeSports, InTrade, NewsFutures or Inkling Markets… and few care about the little prediction exchanges… So when you perform a query there, you get a noisy signal. Plus, they forgot BetFair-TradeFair, the world’s #1 prediction exchange.

  2. Keith Anderson said:

    Anyone wanting to set up a more focused version of the PMIA Search could do so using Google Custom Search Engine, available here

    That said, my experiments with it have had limited success.

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