Prediction Market Industry Association (PMIA), one year later

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Let&#8217-s revisit our archives:

Deep Throat:

I agree that the Prediction Market Industry Association (PMIA) (in its present form) is highly suspicious.

The purpose of the PMIA was to provide resume and marketing fodder for Jed, Emile and John. It&#8217-s like being president of a high school club: You don&#8217-t have to accomplish anything, but you can list your &#8220-officer&#8221- status on college applications.

As we saw, Emile has already started using it in his NewsFutures marketing. So, the project has actually been a great success for its true purposes!

Its our responsibility to call bullshit on this, and we failed. The PMIA is a fake organization, and nobody deserves any extra street-cred for &#8220-leading&#8221- or &#8220-founding&#8221- it.

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