BetFair CEO David Yu had to come at the office on Sunday to assess and clean up the mess created by the arrogant British incompetents who devised the Premium Charges.

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UPDATE: Mark Iverson&#8217-s take


Go first to the 2 webpages above. Then, right-click the link, and download the files.

Racing UK discussion on the BetFair Premium Charges

A list of the Betfair forum threads about the new premium charges.

A FaceBook group has been created to protest the new BetFair premium charges.

PREVIOUSLY: BetFair impose new &#8220-Premium Charges&#8221-&#8230- Do BetFair gag the critics, too?

4 thoughts on “BetFair CEO David Yu had to come at the office on Sunday to assess and clean up the mess created by the arrogant British incompetents who devised the Premium Charges.

  1. Medemi said:

    It wasn’t a rash decision, it was well thought through. There will be no excuses.

  2. Adonis said:

    The snowball is rolling, gathering size and momentum. No-one is certain that it will end up in Betdaq’s backyard.

    (I live in hope that we will see the emergence of a White Knight who understands that Betting Exchanges should be run STRICTLY on a commission-only basis, with NO CLOCK-STOPPING for abstractions…. EVER!)


    All we can surmise – with reasonable confidence – is that snowballs rarely, if ever, roll back UP THE HILL they came down. No matter how contrite the people who gave it the initial impetus become.

    I agree with Medemi: this was no mistake… it was a carefully considered decision, taken with Napoleonic arrogance, IMHO too.

    Those who decided to do it must carry the “can”.

    I have little doubt that ultimately, they will.

    There again….. plenty of people inside betfair are probably pointing their fingers (AGAIN!!!!) at the “troublemakers” who asked awkward questions about betfair’s business practices, chided the spivs who bragged on the betfair “forum” about how rich they were getting by fleecing the mugs who used “slow” picture feeds etc etc.

    Unfortunately for these scapegoat-seekers…… long ago, betfair barred the most vociferous of these “troublemakers” from dialogue with co-Customers via unilateral gagging orders.

    Those who called fraudsters “spivs” were removed.

    Those who cited Timeliness as paramount to all aspects of Betting Integrity were rapidly silenced.

    Seems to me that their goose is now fully cooked! And of course, a cooked goose can’t lay Golden Eggs anymore!


    Who next?

    Well, we have to ask the question….. Does anyone really CARE that much anymore???

    I don’t.



    Yes, THAT Adonis

  3. Medemi said:

    Me neither, Adonis. I don’t know how I got caught up in all of this in the first place. Maybe it was you, but I have no regrets. I can see the positive side, and maybe we were destined to end up here (if you believe in that sort of thing). 

  4. Medemi said:


    as an aside, but not at all irrelevant, I would like to say the following.

    I was listening to a conversation on the radio this afternoon. Economists were talking about how we have the tightest regulation in all of Europe with regard to the financial sector, and how little risk banks take, here, in Holland, compared to the US for instance. They were actually talking about reward, while banks in the US are collapsing. It didn’t seem like wishful thinking to me, and I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, people are going to have a real hard time explaining to me how regulation doesn’t work…  

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