Dick Morris (ex-strategist for Bill Clinton) devoted, not one, but two, strong columns against the Hillary-Clinton-as-VP scenario.

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Dick Morris:

It would be an act of terminal insanity for Barack Obama to name Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential candidate. […] Finally, having Hillary in the West Wing would be a nightmare.

Dick Morris:

Instead of conceding defeat and campaigning for Obama, auditioning for the spot of loyal teammate, Hillary insists on keeping her options open and vies for the spotlight with Obama, exactly what you do not want a vice president to do. […]

But the more serious problem is the public record that Todd Purdum, an excellent journalist, laid out in his Vanity Fair piece. Bill’s relationships with billionaires, his pursuit of financial gain, his alliance with the emir of Dubai, and his acceptance of speaking fees and income from some of the least savory of types is not what you need to carry around with you in a presidential race. […]

More Info: See Andrew Sullivan&#8230- who views Hillary Clinton as a detestable lady&#8230-

So, stay away from the &#8220-Hillary Clinton As VP&#8221- prediction markets&#8230- :-D

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