You cant measure the usefulness of a system by how many resources it consumes.

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Doc, I didn&#8217-t say that &#8220-this effort by Starbucks somehow implies a devaluation of enterprise prediction markets.&#8221- I said that it implies a devaluation of the enterprise prediction markets that are overhyped as intra-corporation communication tools &#8212-I&#8217-m of course fine with them used as forecasting tools, which is our collective goal from day one (IEM in 1988). The complexity of prediction markets is bearable if and only if they are a bit more accurate than the other mechanisms. Now, if the objective is to get feedback and suggestions from employees, no need to pay for this complexity &#8212-a simple voting mechanism is more than enough and will do the trick.

In that regard, I would point to Xpree, which use that simple, voting mechanism when and where it makes sense to use it.

Mat Fogarty is well versed in the discipline of forecasting, and should be listened to more, here, I believe.

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