The definitive proof that its presently impossible to practice prediction market journalism with BetFair.

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Unlike InTrade and NewsFutures, BetFair does not deliver any chart after that the prediction market has expired &#8212-leaving the blog post that linked to it totally blank (in a digital world where old content is King, and where Google sends traffic to old blog posts).

The BetFair marketing department is staffed by arrogant incompetents who are incapable of establishing a working relationship with prediction market bloggers like me.

There is nothing more important for our industry than the uprising of new blogs that would hot-link to the charts of prediction markets. The BetFair marketing team hasn&#8217-t computed that yet, in spite of all efforts made in their direction.

Of all the prediction market firms I talk with, BetFair is the most impermeable to the prediction market approach: their degree of arrogance is inversely proportional to their level of competency.

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